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New Eco House, Sheffield

We recently completed a project for a new eco house in Sheffield. The client sought a cement-based self levelling screed with the option to polish.

Project Case Study:

New Eco House, Sheffield – Longfloor IntegraCure Liquid Screed Installation

Client’s Needs:

The client required a smooth and durable screed for their eco house, with the flexibility to polish the surface if desired. They were looking for a reliable solution to meet their specific requirements.

Our Solution:

We installed Longfloor IntegraCure cement-based liquid screed. This screed provided the smoothness and durability the client desired, with the added benefit of being suitable for polishing if desired.

Project Execution:

Our team efficiently installed the Longfloor IntegraCure liquid screed, ensuring a smooth and level surface throughout the eco house. The client was delighted with the finish of the cement-coloured screed.

Outcome and Recommendation:

The project was a success, providing the client with a smooth and versatile screed solution for their new eco house. We recommend Flow Screed Services for similar projects, as our expertise and use of quality materials ensure reliable results and customer satisfaction.

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