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McDonald’s Leeds Retail Park Stock Room Expansion

We recently completed a project at McDonald’s Leeds Retail Park, involving the installation of 35m2 of Gypsol Classic Flowing Screed. The client required a level surface for their expanded stock room area.

Project Case Study:

McDonald’s Leeds Retail Park Stock Room Expansion – Gypsol Classic Flowing Screeding

Client’s Needs:

McDonald’s needed to expand their stock room area and required a level surface to accommodate this expansion. They sought a solution that would allow them to maintain operations during the renovation process.

Our Solution:

We installed an Unbonded Damp proof membrane with perimeter expansion to prepare the surface for our flowing screed. Utilizing levelling tripods and laser setting, we ensured precise application of the Gypsol Classic Flowing Screed.

Project Execution:

Our team efficiently applied the flowing screed using a small line pump, allowing McDonald’s to remain open during the process. The use of precise leveling techniques ensured a smooth and level surface for the expanded stock room area.

Outcome and Recommendation:

The client was pleased with the result, as our solution provided the level surface they required for their stock room expansion. Our efficient application process allowed McDonald’s to continue operations without disruption. We recommend Flow Screed Services for similar projects due to our expertise and ability to deliver quality results with minimal disruption.

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