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Flow Screed Northern is the areas leading supplier of latex screed, (also referred to as latex flooring) in Lincolnshire and across South Yorkshire. We offer not only top-quality service and products but also competitive prices.

We cover Lincoln, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Cleethorpes, Hull, Sheffield, Doncaster, and further afield. No job is too big or too small for Flow Screed Northern, we do all aspects of screeding and latex screed can be a perfect material for many flooring jobs. You can view our gallery to see some examples of projects we have completed.

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What is Latex Screed?

Latex screed, a versatile flooring material extensively employed in construction projects, combines liquid latex, a polymer, with sand, cement, or fine aggregates.

The latex serves as a binding agent, imparting flexibility and durability to the final surface. Typically applied as a thin layer over concrete or subfloors, it levels and creates a smooth, even surface. This involves pouring or pumping the screed onto the subfloor, followed by meticulous spreading and leveling. Latex screed finds utility in numerous applications, primarily leveling uneven floor surfaces before the installation of floor finishes like carpet, vinyl, and ceramic tiles.

Suitable for both residential and commercial settings, it delivers a sleek, durable finish. Its protein-free composition makes it an excellent choice for hygiene-sensitive areas such as medical facilities and food preparation spaces. Additionally, Latex Screed can be directly applied to wooden floors when proper preparation is ensured. 

Comprising powder and liquid latex components, Latex Screed exhibits self-leveling properties, allowing for swift application and achieving a smooth, even finish. Its rapid drying times further enhance efficiency in project completion. As a versatile all-rounder, Latex Screed suits a wide range of flooring needs, meeting the highest standards of quality. Whatever your flooring requirements may be, our solutions are tailored to meet them with excellence.

Where can you use Latex Screed?

Latex screed can be used on a multitude of jobs with its primary purpose being levelling uneven floor services, prior to floor finishes such as carpet, vinyl, and ceramic tiles being fitted. It can be used in both residential and commercial settings, leaving a smooth and sleeker finish to any area. As it is hardwearing and durable, Latex Screed can even be used as a floor finishing in its own right.

One major advantage of Latex floor is the fact it is a protein-free composition, therefore making it a good choice for areas where hygiene is paramount such as doctor’s surgeries or tattoo studios, and also establishments where food is prepared.

This particular choice of screening, unlike some other options, can also be placed directly onto wooden floors, so long as the preparation is completed correctly.

Why Choose Latex Screed for Vinyl Flooring:

  1. Smooth Surface: Latex screed’s self-leveling attributes ensure a uniformly smooth surface. This is vital for vinyl flooring, which can manifest and accentuate any underlying irregularities.
  2. Durability: The synergy of latex and other constituents enhances the longevity of the underlay, indirectly boosting the life expectancy of the vinyl flooring.
  3. Rapid Drying: With accelerated drying times, Latex Screed facilitates quicker project turnarounds. This means vinyl installations can proceed without unnecessary delays.
  4. Hygienic: Given its protein-free nature, Latex Screed prevents microbial growth, ensuring that the vinyl flooring remains sanitary, especially in spaces where hygiene is indispensable.
  5. Flexibility: Owing to the presence of liquid latex, the screed is inherently flexible. This elasticity can absorb minor floor movements, reducing the risk of vinyl cracking or tearing over time.
  6. Moisture Resistance: Latex screed provides a barrier against upward moisture migration, protecting the vinyl flooring from potential water damage, especially in damp environments.

The choice of underlay can make or break the overall quality and longevity of vinyl floors. By opting for Latex Screed, you’re not only ensuring an immaculate finish but also laying the groundwork for a floor that stands the test of time. This choice echoes the sentiment: the best foundations are often unseen but are always felt in the flawless finish they support.

Why Choose Latex Screed for Underfloor Heating:

  1. Efficient Heat Conductivity: Latex screed boasts excellent thermal conductivity. This means heat from the underfloor system is transmitted uniformly and efficiently, ensuring even warmth throughout the space.
  2. Flexible Composition: Given the consistent expansion and contraction that heating systems undergo, the flexibility of Latex Screed ensures it can accommodate these changes without cracking or deteriorating.
  3. Thin Application: Latex screed can be applied thinly without compromising its strength. This thin layer ensures quicker heat response times, making your heating system more energy-efficient.
  4. Moisture Resistance: The composition of Latex Screed provides a barrier against upward moisture migration. This is vital for underfloor heating systems, ensuring they’re protected from potential damage due to moisture from the ground.
  5. Long-lasting Durability: The robustness of Latex Screed ensures that it serves as a lasting foundation, enhancing the life expectancy of the entire underfloor heating system.
  6. Hygienic: With its protein-free composition, Latex Screed offers a hygienic base, minimizing the potential for bacterial or mold growth, which is particularly essential when warmth could otherwise promote microbial activity.

When planning an underfloor heating system, every layer matters. The choice of screed can significantly influence the system’s overall performance and lifespan. With Latex Screed, you’re not just laying a foundation; you’re optimizing the entire heating experience. It’s a testament to the understanding that behind every great system lies an equally formidable base, ensuring comfort and warmth for years to come.

Why Choose Latex Screed for Overlaying on Ceramic Tiles:

  1. Exceptional Adhesion: Latex screed is known for its excellent bonding capabilities. When applied over well-prepared ceramic tiles, it ensures a tenacious grip, minimizing potential issues related to delamination or detachment.
  2. Self-leveling Properties: Ceramic tiles may have minor level differences, especially along grout lines. The self-leveling attributes of Latex Screed ensure a smooth and even overlay, ready for the final flooring application.
  3. Quick Drying Times: Renovation projects often run on tight schedules. Thanks to the rapid drying properties of Latex Screed, subsequent phases of the project can proceed without undue delays.
  4. Flexible Nature: Ceramic tiles might exhibit micro-movements due to temperature fluctuations or other factors. The inherent flexibility of Latex Screed allows it to accommodate such movements without cracking.
  5. Thin Layer Application: While you’d want a robust screed layer, a bulky one isn’t desirable. Latex Screed can be applied thinly, ensuring that floor levels don’t rise excessively, especially near door thresholds.
  6. Moisture Resistant: Especially important in areas like bathrooms or kitchens, the moisture-resistant property of Latex Screed ensures the new overlay remains protected from potential water ingress through the ceramic tiles.

The decision to overlay on existing ceramic tiles demands meticulous preparation and the right screeding choice. Latex Screed, with its unique properties, provides a reliable solution that serves as a bridge between the old and the new, ensuring that the subsequent flooring finds a sturdy, even, and dependable base. It’s a nod to the principle that while the past is revered, the future can be seamlessly integrated with the right foundation.

Advantages of Latex Screed: 

  • Smooth and Even Finish: Latex screed creates a flat and level surface, ideal for various flooring materials. 
  • Versatility: It can be used in both residential and commercial settings, accommodating different flooring finishes. 
  • Durability: Latex screed is known for its long-lasting and hardwearing properties. 
  • Hygienic: Its protein-free composition makes it suitable for areas where hygiene is crucial, such as medical facilities and food preparation spaces. 
  • Quick Drying: Latex screed often has rapid drying times, allowing for efficient project completion. 
  • Self-Leveling: It exhibits self-leveling properties, simplifying the application process and ensuring an even finish. 
  • Adherence to Wood Subfloors: With proper preparation, latex screed can be applied directly to wooden floors. 
  • Versatile Applications: It can be used for leveling uneven floor surfaces before installing various floor coverings. 
  • Strength and Flexibility: The combination of latex with other materials provides strength and flexibility to the finished surface. 
  • Cost-Effective: Latex screed can be a cost-effective choice, especially considering its durability and ease of installation. 

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