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House Renovation Hull

We recently completed a house renovation project in Hull, where the client installed a Nu-heat LoPro Max underfloor heating system. This system was designed as a low profile overlay system with just a 22mm height build-up.

Project Case Study:

House Renovation Hull – Levelling Compound Screeding

Client’s Needs:

The client required a cost-effective and efficient solution to accommodate the Nu-heat LoPro Max underfloor heating system in their renovated house. They wanted to avoid the time and expense of digging up the existing screed.

Our Solution:

We installed the supplied levelling compound, ensuring a smooth and level surface for the underfloor heating system. This approach saved the client both time and money, eliminating the need to remove the existing screed.

Project Execution:

Our team applied the levelling compound efficiently, allowing the screed to be ready for walking on just after 3 hours. This quick turnaround minimized disruption to the renovation process and allowed the client to proceed with their project without delay.

Outcome and Recommendation:

The project was a success, providing the client with a cost-effective and timely solution for accommodating the underfloor heating system in their renovated house. We recommend Flow Screed Services for similar projects, as our expertise and use of quality materials ensure reliable results and efficient installation.

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