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Domestic Dwelling North Lincolnshire

We recently completed a project at a domestic dwelling in North Lincolnshire, applying 49m2 of a liquid smoothing compound at a screed depth of 10mm. Our aim was to prepare the subfloor for new floor tiles.

Project Case Study:

Domestic Dwelling North Lincolnshire – Latex Smoothing Compound Screeding

Client’s Needs:

The client needed a smooth and level subfloor to install new floor tiles in their home. They required a professional solution to ensure the tiles could be laid effectively.

Our Solution:

We prepared the subfloor using a resin DPM (damp proof membrane) before applying a 10mm Latex smoothing compound. This created a level surface ready for the installation of the new floor tiles.

Project Execution:

The Latex smoothing compound was applied meticulously, achieving an SR1 flatness level. This allowed for the tiles to be installed with minimal adhesive, ensuring a secure and lasting finish.

Outcome and Recommendation:

The project was successful, providing the client with a smooth and level subfloor ideal for their new floor tiles. Our expertise and professionalism make us a recommended choice for similar projects.

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