Welcome Break Services

Flow Screed Northern completed a project at Welcome Break Services, M1 North Bound, covering 700m2 with Fibre Reinforced Smoothing Compound. The task involved removing previous tile adhesive and carpet glue residues to prepare the surface for new floor coverings.

Project Case Study:

Welcome Break Services – 700m2 of Fibre Reinforced Smoothing compound.

Client’s Needs:

The client required a thorough flooring refurbishment, including the removal of old tile adhesive and carpet glue residues. They needed a professional solution to prepare the surface for the installation of new floor coverings.

Our Solution:

We removed the 700m2 of tile adhesive and carpet glue residues, then vacuumed, prepared, and primed the surface. They applied a Fibre Reinforced Smoothing Compound, ensuring a smooth and level base for the new floor coverings.

Project Execution:

The team meticulously removed the residues and applied the smoothing compound, ensuring a high-quality finish across the entire area. Attention to detail was paramount throughout the process.

Outcome and Recommendation:

The project was completed successfully, meeting the client’s expectations for a refurbished flooring area. Flow Screed Northern’s expertise and professionalism make us a highly recommended choice for similar projects.

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